The weather was great this weekend, especially on Saturday. Hopefully it’s the signs we are really heading towards the warmer months now.

Big turnouts at both club rides. 10 riders headed to Bobbo, including two first time rides with us. That is great to have them along and we welcome all riders on all our rides. So if you are looking for company, come and join us. We had 14 riders out at Prospect. It was my first time on that ride and it’s a great ride for all levels of riders. I have got to find out where Prospect Dam was and to make the Prospect Dam photo. Super impressive ride leadership by Paul Doorn. So if you are looking for a well organized ride this is it. We are looking for ways we can offer an alternative within that ride so that those riders that don’t want such a long ride, you can still ride to the Dam but then make a shortened way back to SOP. We are targeting all groups to arrive back at SOP for coffee at around 8.45 or so.

On the racing front, a few people ventured out to Oakville for the Stage 2 of the LACC Tour of August. Jerel David backed up last week’s 2nd place in B grade with a 3rd place this week. I’ve not been able to spot the points table but with that record he’s got be right up there for the B grade jersey. Way to go Jerel. Jacob Wilson took on the A graders and Euro Dan nabbed a top 10 in B grade.

John Muirhead and myself headed up to Calga for Central Coasts scratch race. It was very windy up there (and other parts of Sydney from what I hear) which made for tough conditions. John mixed it up in C grade and I had my first crack at B. One of the great things about cycling, is it a great leveller. Just when you are lucky enough to grab a win or podium and you think you might be not too bad, it reminds you that so are a lot of other people. I held on to the bunch for about ¾ of the race but eventually got spat out and soloed home. As Nash reminds me, it happens to everyone and we do this for the challenge and enjoyment. Very wise words.

Whilst I was at the Calga race, I was reminded that we can only race through the hard work of their race committee and their volunteers. Guy Page from Central Coast gave up his arvo and his chance to race to commissaire for us. Without him doing this, there would have been no race. So huge thanks to Guy in this case but also to all volunteers at all the races we get to go in. Make sure you remember to thank them. Also just because it’s not our race, it doesn’t stop all of us putting up our hand to help the organisers out. I’m sure the organisers from the clubs would welcome the hand. I know Bull has helped out Central Coast before and the General and I helped out MWCC recently. I can tell you they were very appreciative. So give it some thought. It doesn’t hurt to miss a race to give back.

Obligatory Dam photo.  I never knew there ws a dam in Prospect till this ride started.
And these guys said they don't race. Podium for

First time Prospect ride for Somuya Basu.

Bec McShane and Birdman
Well done Jerel
Jacob, Jerel and Dan
Limited edition team shoes